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The sun sets slowly on the horizon as fingers of ruddy light compete to turn the sky various shades of red. Dimly, it illuminates the world that you know, changed and shrouded by lengthening shadows. The line between what was safe and what was not, between the real and the unreal begins to fade away, even as you watch. Such is THE TWILIGHT WORLD....

Be forewarned: there are few happy endings in Party First.

In Party First, a group of players take on the roles of individuals living within the nation of the USRA in THE TWILIGHT WORLD set during the year 1985. THE TWILIGHT WORLD is similar to our own in some ways, but dramatically different in others. You may see some aspects that you recognize, and in most cases, it is by design. Other aspects will be more emphasized, dramatized, or horrific than the world you are familiar with.

The biggest difference you will see is that of the horrors of THE TWILIGHT WORLD. Monsters are real here. They are real, and at best humanity is nothing to them. In the scope of this universe, we are seen as ants. At worst, these monsters actively seek the end of all life in the world. The majority of humans have no idea what sort of horrors wait just outside their narrow scope of the world, and even the player characters themselves may only have the smallest inkling of the truth - at the start. As a story progresses the players will come face to face with the horrific truth and either overcome or, more likely, be mercilessly killed or driven mad by their newfound knowledge.

Party First: Twilight War takes the premise of the core Party First book in a new direction with focus on the world spanning cold war which has ground to a wary détente. While the public hopes that tensions between the East and West have cooled, those in the upper echelons know that it has merely shifted into that grey twilight between the known and unknown. Shadow actors and intelligence agents recruit, inform, sabotage and anything else they must do to ensure their side emerges victorious.


Buy Now$8.99 USD or more

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